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Aircraft Leather Repairs

Here at The Leather Mend the experts provide a range of aircraft interior repair, restoration and cleaning services.

The technicians have been in the industry of leather repairs for quite some now and thus they have developed the necessary knowledge and resources to deliver a great result.

Working with airlines and private individuals, the leather repairers offer a service which is economical and dependable.

Since the staff have national coverage, it doesn't matter if you have one aircraft and other planes at airfields or workshops in England, Scotland and Wales, leather repairs and cleaning are always hassle-free and simple to book.

Annual leather cleaning and maintenance services can also be arranged to main the look and quality of aircraft leather.

If you require further details or quotes on aircraft leather repair , please connect with the technicians by completing the website form.

Aircraft leather repair

Aircraft Interior Repair

Making sure aircraft leather is looking at its very best is essential for representing a professional, luxury image for passengers.

Damaged and faded, dried out leather is not nice to look and can otherwise make an excellent aircraft appear cheap and poorly built.

In the past costly aircraft interior refurbishments were the only solution in revitalising tired, old leather but the staff are happy to offer a mobile solution.

Aircraft leather repair covers most types of leather damage including scratches, abrasions, wine, coffee and ink stains, nail varnish, burn marks, holes and cracked, ripped or dull looking leather.

Aircraft leather repairs clients covers a range of aircraft from small planes and helicopters to corporate and commercial jets, the technicians can partner with a number of airlines, aircraft manufacturers and insurance companies.

All types of aircraft leather repaired including faux and vinyl leather to genuine leather from the top aircraft manufactures such as Wollsdorf Leder, Boxmark and Muirhead Leather.

Using a series of repair, recolour and dye products, aircraft leather can be restored to an excellent condition again.

Delivering great aircraft leather repair is very important to the technicians and this is shown by the recent testimonials from domestic and commercial clients.

Whenever you require aircraft leather repairs, just complete the website form displayed.


Will aircraft leather repair take a while to finish?

no aircraft leather repair is the same and thus the time does vary sometimes. factors which determine the time taken for a leather repair include location (a power source is needed for repairs , the amount of work and the services needed. most aircraft leather repairs are completed in one visit as the team realise that downtime must be kept to a minimum, especially for airliners. for further advice and estimates please contact the leather repairers with the online form.

The aircraft leather seat is badly scratched?

the staff offer a variety of aircraft leather repairs covering all types of aircraft, from single seater ps and helicopters to private and commercial jets. modern repair products, dyes and materials are sourced for aircraft leather repair.

What areas do the team cover for aircraft leather repair ?

the leather repairers have national coverage for leather repairs, restoration and cleaning services. they provide aircraft interior repairs for individuals, airlines, insurance companies and aircraft manufacturers in or.

Will aircraft interior repairs include a warranty?

yes all aircraft leather repairs clients includes a warranty on workmanship and the materials, products used. repaired leather will wear at the normal rate as the rest of the item. to maintain its look and appearance leather cleaning from professionals should be organised.