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Boat Leather Repairs

Boat leather repair for interiors and exteriors from the repair, cleaning and restoration specialists throughout the week.

With nationwide it doesn't matter where you're boat is docked the technicians can offer assistance if a power source is accessible.

All types of boat leather restored including leather boat seats, steering wheels, boat interiors and leather upholstery as just some examples.

From one time work for a single boat to ongoing maintenance contracts for an entire fleet, the leather repairers have the necessary expertise and resources to offer a professional service.

Great customer service is crucial to the service being offered and this is shown by the recent testimonials.

Arrange boat leather repairs with the staff by filling in the online form on the left.

Boat leather repair

Boat Interior Repair

Here at we help customers with the task of discovering boat leather repairs.

The well trained technicians have been in the leather repair industry for quite some time now and no job is too tricky for them.

From smaller sailing boats and speed boats to luxury yachts, ferries and cruise liners, all types of boat leather can be repaired.

The professional staff quickly complete leather repairs for boats, with most jobs done by the first visit where possible.

Boat leather takes a lot of punishment from the environment and the result is unprofessional looking leather.

Examples include intense UV rays and exposure seawater. Wear and tear is also apparent on leather items after a prolonged use.

Common boat leather repairs completed by the team include scuffs, scratches, water damage, pet damage, holes, colour loss, ink stains, burnt mark, split and cracked leather are just a few examples.

Boat leather cleaning services can also be done to improve the appearance of your leather whilst reducing damage caused by salt erosion.

Whatever issues you are discovering with your boat leather, the technicians will try their best to help with a prompt repair and maintenance service.

To arrange boat leather repairs , please get in touch with technicians via the enquiry form.


Will boat leather repairs include a warranty?

all boat leather repair and restoration services include a warranty on the products used and work carried out. the staff will always make sure you are happy with the quality of the onsite work carried out.

The boat interior is badly worn?

the experienced team use specialist products for boat leather repair covering this type of damage. for more advice on leather repair services in your local area, please get in touch with the professional team.

Are boat leather repairs affordable?

in the vast majority of cases, boat leather repairs are much cheaper than buying replacement leather items without compromising quality. trade discounts are possible for multiple boat leather repairs or for business clients such as boat brokers and ferry operators.

I am planning on selling my sailing boat but the leather seating is dull looking?

cosmetic damage from wear and tear and exposure to strong sunlight and water for extended periods of time will have a negative impact on its resale value. the professional staff offer an extensive leather cleaning and restoration service which can bring the shine and colour back to old, tired leather items. enhancing the overall appearance of your boat is a tried and tested technique for increasing its resale value.