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How quick is the leather bag repair service?

Typically, leather bag repairs are completed in under than 5 working days, although some repairs may take less. This can vary at times, but the team aim to provide customers with an efficient and convenient service.

Can the technicians repair worn leather bags customers?

The leather repairers offer a wide range of leather bag repairs customers, and can restore faded and worn items to a like-new condition. Bags can be recoloured where required, and replacement panels can be inserted where necessary.

My leather bag is badly torn. Can this be repaired?

In many cases, tears can be repaired. This may involve careful stitching of the material, or replacement of a panel. Enquire today for a quotation for leather bag repair.

How much will leather handbag repairs cost?

The cost of a leather hangbag repair is subject to the type of leather and the service requested. A quote is provided upon your initial enquiry and it's often much cheaper to get your leather handbag repaired than buying a replacement one

Leather Bag Repair

If you require a specialist leather bag repair and are based, the leather repairers can provide you with a specialist, hassle free service.

The knowledgeable technicians carry out a range of leather bag repairs, completing all repair and restoration work at a repair workshop.

The staff can repair old and new leather bags including designer handbags from Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, See By Chole, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Mulberry, Buti and Prada to name but a few examples.

Only high grade materials and products are employed during the repair process, alongside industry approved restoration techniques, to ensure all leather bags belonging customers are repaired effectively.

Contact the leather repairers to arrange your leather bag repair - just fill in the website form.

The Leather Mend does not offer an alteration service for leather handbags e.g. lengthening or shortening straps.

Leather bag repair

Leather Handbag Repair

At www.theleathermend.co.uk the technicians provide customers with a competitively priced and convenient leather handbag repair covering genuine leather.

The technicians offer high quality leather bag repairs. Though widely regarded as a durable, resilient material, leather is susceptible to damage, typically from general wear and tear, abrasion or exposure to sunlight or water.

The leather repairers supply a leather bag repair service for a range of items, such as:

• Satchels
• Tote bags
• Designer handbags
• Shoulder bags

To ensure all work is of a professional standard, the technicians employ high grade materials and products during all leather bag repairs customers, and use only industry approved restoration methods.

A varied range of repairs are available from the staff, including:

• Zip replacement
• Scratch repair
• Panel replacement
• Cracked leather repair
• Scuffed leather repair
• Leather recolouring
• Stain removal
• Strap replacement

Leather bags can be treated with protective products post-repair, which helps leave the leather outer soft, supple and less susceptible to future damage.

In the majority of cases, leather bag repairs customers can be completed in less than 5 working days.

As the staff work in partnership with a nationwide network of couriers, the service is hassle free, and belongings are transferred between customers homes and the repair facility.

For more information on the leather bag repair service, don't hesitate to contact the team. Fill out the online form to request a call back during business hours.

Recent Enquires

i need a zip replaced on a leather bag purchased in barcelona not a known make.


i have an ugg shopper which needs new leather strapsã¢â‚¬â¦can send pic if required.bag is suede but handles are soft black leather


handle of bag is ripping.


grey leather handbag needs the zip repaired.small black leather handbag needs the button on it replacedbrown leather bag needs the strap re attacheda suede bag need the strap re sewn


damaged from vitamin water being spilled in the bag, it has seeped through.


hi, I am looking to get a bag repaired for my partner. the stitching has come away one of the straps. how much would this cost to be sewn up and repaired? I still have the strap connector if that helps. many thanks, liam


the stitching in the middle of the punchbag has broken halfway around the bag


vintage mulbury bag requires newlining and replacement strap


hello. I wonder if you can help me. I have a prada leather bag which I sold on ebay. the buyer wanted to return for a refund and when it arrived back to me it was not in its original condition that I sent it in. paypal have asked me to get proof from a repair company on letter headed paper just to confirm the condition its now in. I no it sounds like an unusual request but I would obviously pay for it if you could help me thanks I look forward to hearing from you


the stitching on my leather bag needs to be replaced as it has deteriorated in many places. I want the same colour which is a yellow/orange. it is an old louis vuitton bag but I like the aged look so I am not looking for a restoration, just replace all the stitching.


the strap on the bag is broken after I sewed it back again as I bought it second hand so it was broken when I bought it but I fixed it but it broke off


hello, I have a black rll bag that needs a strap and lining repaired. please can you let me know if this is possible and a quote?