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How efficient is the leather bag repair service?

Usually, leather bag repairs are completed in under than 5 working days, although some repairs may take less. This can vary at times, but the team aim to provide customers with a prompt and convenient service.

Can the technicians repair faded leather bags customers?

The leather repairers provide a wide variety of leather bag repairs customers, and are able to restore faded and worn items to a like-new condition. Bags can be recoloured where required, and replacement panels can be inserted where necessary.

My leather bag has been torn. Can this be repaired?

In most cases, tears can be repaired. This may involve careful stitching of the material, or replacement of a panel of leather. Enquire today for a quote for leather bag repair.

How much will leather bag repairs cost?

The cost of a leather bag repair is subject to the type of leather and the service required. A quote is provided upon your initial enquiry and it's often much cheaper to get your leather handbag repaired than buying a new one

Leather Bag Repair

If you require a professional leather bag repair and are based, the leather repairers can provide you with a specialist, convenient service.

The experienced technicians carry out a range of leather bag repairs, completing all repair and restoration work at a repair workshop.

The staff can repair vintage and modern leather handbags including designer handbags from Prada, Buti, Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, See by Chloe, Jimmy Choo and Roberto Cavalli to name but a few examples.

Only high grade materials and products are used during the repair process, alongside tried and tested restoration methods, which ensures all leather bags belonging customers are repaired effectively.

Contact the leather repairers to organise your leather bag repair - just fill out the enquiry form.

The Leather Mend does not offer an alteration service for leather handbags e.g. lengthening or shortening straps.

Leather bag repair

Leather Handbag Repair

At www.theleathermend.co.uk the technicians provide customers with a affordable and convenient leather handbag repair covering authentic leather.

The staff offer professional leather bag repairs. Though widely regarded as a durable, resilient material, leather can be damaged easily, typically as a result of general wear and tear, abrasion or exposure to sunlight or water.

The leather repairers carry out a leather bag repair service for a variety of items, including:

• Satchels
• Tote bags
• Designer handbags
• Shoulder bags

To ensure all work is of a professional quality, the technicians employ high grade materials and products during all leather bag repairs customers, and use only tried and tested restoration techniques.

A wide range of repairs can be provided by the staff, including:

• Scuffed leather repair
• Leather recolouring
• Zip replacement
• Panel replacement
• Strap replacement
• Stain removal
• Cracked leather repair
• Scratch repair

Leather bags can be treated with protective products post-repair, which helps keep the leather soft, supple and less susceptible to future damage.

In nearly all cases, leather bag repairs clients can be completed in less than 5 business days.

As the technicians work in partnership with a nationwide network of couriers, the service is convenient, and belongings are transported between customers addresses and the repair workshop.

For further information on the leather bag repair service, don't hesitate to contact the team. Complete the enquiry form to request a call back during business hours.

Recent Enquires

i€™ve got a small rub on the airbag at the top it happened when it was in getting repaired I just got a quote thank you


hi. I brought a radley handbag for my girlfriend. the long over the shoulder strap is non detachable. would you be able to to help turn the strap into a buckle or button attachment making it detachable if wanted?


hi .. I would like to repair the handles of my prada bag ..the problem is just in one handle that came off from the bag .. it seems the handles are fixed inside those holes that the bag has .. just that they are not noticeable on the outside like they would have been sown in an invisible kind of way from the inside? .. I know the problem is only in one handle but I would be interested in reinforcing all of these 4 handles so that they don`t come out easily as this one again ..just to prevent them to go through the same as this handle so they can stand more weight inside. could you give me a quotation of how much it would be to attach that strap back to that hole of the bag and also reinforcing the other 3 left handles too? and do you think you can sew the handles again without them being noticeable just like they were sown like it was originally done before by prada and if so, would it last longer that fix?could you reply by email so I can send you pictures of the bag so you can tell me the price? thanks ,evelyn reynafarje


zip on a leather bag and possibly- where the bag strap connects to the bag.


i have a leather bum bag which has a broken zip i`ve had for many years and i`m reluctant to throw it away. how much would it cost to have this repaired please


leather bag requires a 80cm zip replaced


i want to get a leather bag cleaned. do you offer this service please ?


one of the handles has been torn off from one side of the bag. it is a michael kors bag. is it possible to fix that and if it is how much would it cost_


do you replace zips in leather bags?


hi - I have a mulberry handbag that`s showing a lot of signs of wear and tear. the bag has lots it`s atructure/shape, the outer leather needs a good clean and there are some scuffs on the corners that need repairing. there are also some scratches on the postman lock. the inside also has a lot of stains (pens etc).please can you advise if this is something you can do, and provide a quote?thanksmandy


marks and spencers handbag needs new zip. please let me know if you could do this and, if so, how much it would cost.


i have an expensive leather baby change bag i`m handing down to a friend as a gift and i`m wondering could I get the leather dyed to a darker tan colour and if so roughly how much would the cost be etc! many thanks amy