Leather Colour Change
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How much will a leather colour change in Belgravia cost for my furniture?

The technicians offer a leather colour change service in Belgravia and London that is competitively priced and high quality. In nearly every case, leather furniture recolouring is a far cheaper alternative to purchasing a replacement item.

Do the team offer leather colour change in Belgravia provided for business customers?

Yes, the professionals can to offer leather recolouring and colour changes for trade clients in Belgravia. Work can be conducted at places of business, and is usually completed within a one working day time period.

Can antique leather upholstery be recoloured?

Both antique and modern furnishings can be recoloured for Belgravia customers. The staff employ top quality products and restoration methods, to ensure the patina and style of antique furniture is maintained.

The colours on my leather furniture have faded?

Yes the leather colour change in Belgravia service by the staff for furniture can restore faded looking furniture to a great condition again. Bring new life to your leather furniture with the professionals.

Leather Recolouring Belgravia

High quality leather colour change and recolouring service in Belgravia London for homeowners and commercial clients.

The technicians offer specialist Belgravia leather colour change services, employing high quality dyes and custom designed materials, to ensure an excellent finish every time.

Whether you require a leather furniture colour restoration or recolouring to dramatically alter the appearance of your furniture in Belgravia, the professionals will be happy to help.

With experience of recolouring and conditioning a wide range of leather furnishings, including sofas and benches, the staff are able to offer professional leather colour change services in Belgravia for both domestic and trade clients.

To ensure clients are happy with the Belgravia leather colour change service, the team provide a warranty with all completed furniture recolouring work.

Contact the professionals today to arrange leather colour change or recolouring in Belgravia - just fill out the online form for a quick reply.

Leather Colour Change Belgravia

Leather Furniture Colour Restoration Belgravia

If your leather furniture in Belgravia is looking tired or faded, a professional colour change could be the perfect repair solution, returning its to its original colour or giving it a new lease of life with a new shade.

The Belgravia leather colour change service is provided by furniture repairers, who specialise in leather recolouring of both antique and modern upholstery.

Leather colour change and recolouring in Belgravia and London is an ideal solution to a range of damage and wear issues, including:

• Scuffs
• Abrasion wear
• Sun damage
• Stains
• Scratches

In most cases, Belgravia leather colour changes can be completed at customers homes or workplaces, within just one working day.

The following processes are involved:

• Professional cleaning of furnishings
• Repair of scuffs and scratches
• Application of high quality dye
• Application of conditioning treatment
• Application of protective products

The team offer a colour matching service and can offer advice on the ideal shade to suit your furniture and decor where required.

They aim to provide customers in Belgravia with a high quality, cost effective leather colour change service, effectively restoring furnishings to a professional standard.

For further information on the leather colour change service in Belgravia, or to request a quote, just fill out the online form. The customer service department aim to respond to all enquiries as promptly as possible, and will be in touch via email or telephone during business hours.

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reiss black leather jacket (2 yo) needs recolouring on the pockets, sleeves and collar edges


hi, I have the english oak bayswater that has become worn and discoloured. I would like to have it restored, particularly the colour which, as I mentioned has become faded and water stained over the years. no repairs are required, it is more an issue with the colour in the front and handles of the bag. please could you send me a quote and a time frame. many thanks. danielle cotton.


bmw m3 e46 x convertible drivers bolster stitching come apart and colour needs restoring on fronts seats ( both of them)


lovely crafted leather satchel bag for work suffered some discolouration. straps and stitching are fine. is there anything you can do. I would like to bring it to a shop to view.


it is a quality tan coloured spanish designer leather thigh length ladies coat.we would like it dyed black.


it`s a multicoloured leather rucksack and the right strap has almost snapped.


i have a burgundy leather biker jacket that I have unfortunately stored wrong in an open wardrobe and exposed to sunlight on one side so has faded the colour. it also has a couple of drinks stains and wondered if either or both of these could be recovered? thanksmarie


tumi leather bag requires cleaning and recolouring in black.


please can I have quote for 3 seater , 2 seater and chair . recolour from red to grey if possible. many thanks


reclining sofa and chair, 6 years old, no damage need re-dyeing to make them look like new.