Leather Colour Change
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How much will a leather colour change cost for my furniture?

The technicians provide a leather colour change service that is competitively priced and high quality. In nearly every case, leather furniture recolouring is a far cheaper alternative to purchasing a replacement item of furniture.

Do the team offer leather colour change provided for trade customers?

Yes, the professionals can to offer leather recolouring and colour changes for commercial clients. Work can be completed at places of business, and is usually completed within a one working day time frame.

Can antique leather furniture be recoloured?

Both antique and contemporary furnishings can be recoloured customers. The staff employ tried and tested products and restoration techniques, to ensure the patina and style of antique furnishings is maintained.

The colours on my leather sofa have loss their appeal?

Yes the leather colour change service by the staff for furniture can restore old looking furniture to a excellent condition again. Bring new life to your leather furniture with the professionals.

Leather Recolouring

Professional leather colour change and recolouring service for homeowners and businesses.

The technicians offer specialist leather colour change services, employing high grade dyes and custom designed materials, to ensure a perfect finish every time.

Whether you are in need of a leather furniture colour repair or recolouring to dramatically alter the appearance of your upholstery, the professionals will be happy to assist.

With experience of recolouring and treating a wide range of leather furniture, including sofas and stools, the staff are able to provide professional leather colour change services for both private and business clients.

To ensure customers are happy with the leather colour change service, the team provide a warranty with all completed furniture restoration work.

Contact the professionals today to organise leather colour change or recolouring - just complete the online form for a fast response.

Leather Colour Change

Leather Furniture Colour Change

If your leather furniture is looking worn or faded, a professional colour change could be the perfect restoration solution, returning its to its original colour or giving it a dramatic makeover with a new shade.

The leather colour change service is provided by furniture repairers, who specialise in leather recolouring of both antique and contemporary furnishings.

Leather recolouring and colour changing is an ideal solution to a variety of damage and wear issues, such as:

• Scratches
• Scuffs
• Abrasion wear
• Stains
• Sun damage

In many cases, leather colour changes can be completed at clients homes or workplaces, within just one business day.

The process involves the following:

• Deep cleaning of furniture
• Repair of damage
• Application of high grade dye
• Treatment with leather conditioner
• Treatment with protective products

The team provide a colour matching service and can offer advice on the ideal shade to suit your furniture and decor if required.

They aim to provide customers with a professional, competitively priced leather colour change service, effectively restoring furnishings to a high standard.

For further information on the leather colour change service, or to request a quotation, just fill in the website form. The customer service advisers aim to process to all enquiries as quickly as possible, and will be in touch by email or phone during opening hours.

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