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Do the team offer leather zip repairs Enderby?

Yes, the team do provide leather jacket repairs for Enderby customers. They replace broken buckles and zips with equivalent replacements.

How efficient is the Enderby leather jacket repair service?

The typical turnaround for Enderby leather jacket repairs is 5 business days. In some cases, the repair of leather jackets and coats may take longer as high quality materials may need to be obtained but the technicians will keep you informed.

How much will Enderby leather jacket repairs cost?

The leather repairers offer a top quality service, repairing and restoring primarily high end, designer jackets. They offer clients an affordable leather jacket repair Enderby service.

Is leather jacket cleaning for Enderby offered?

Yes leather jacket cleaning Enderby is provided by the staff and leather coats are covered as well. Whether it's a modern motorcycle leather jacket or a vintage piece, leather cleaning can revitalise the appearance of clothing has been damaged from dirt, water dust and exposure to the natural elements over time.

Leather Jacket Repair Enderby

At www.theleathermend.co.uk we assist customers who require professional leather jacket repairs for Enderby, the technicians provide them with a professional and convenient service.

The skilled team offer men and ladies leather jacket repairs for Enderby customers, successfully mending various types of damage and wear, including scratches, tears and holes.

All leather jacket repairs for Enderby are undertaken at a well equipped repair workshop, where the staff have access to a wide range of high grade materials and specialist cleaning and protective products.

Contact the technicians to book a Enderby leather jacket repair - simply complete the online form for a quick reply by phone or email.

Please note that leather alterations are not provided by the technicians. Please visit a tailor for this type of work. If your leather jacket is damaged, The Leather Mend can assist.

Leather Jacket Repair Enderby

Leather Coat Repair Enderby

The technicians provide a professional, cost effective leather coat repair Enderby service for modern and vintage items.

Though typical durable and hard wearing, leather jackets and coats are susceptible to damage and general wear and tear. The staff offer high quality leather jacket repairs for Enderby customers, restoring and repairing leather clothing to an immaculate condition.

The Enderby leather jacket repairs cover most problems and services including:

• Scuff repair
• Seam restitching
• Stain removal
• Zip replacement
• Scratch repair
• Tear repair
• Cleaning
• Panel replacement

All leather jacket repairs for Enderby and Leicestershire customers are completed using industry approved products, and the leather repairers have extensive knowledge of a wide range of professional repair methods.

The technicians specialise in high end leather outerwear repairs, and regularly repair the following items:

• Designer jackets
• Vintage coats
• Motorcycle leathers
• Studded leather jackets
• Retro leather coats
• Biker style jackets
• Quilted leather coats

A warranty is also available with the Enderby leather jacket repair service as well.

Leather jacket repairs for Enderby cover most brands including Diesel, Alexander Mcqueen, Armani, Gucci and Hugo Boss to name but a few examples.

As a courier service is available with all leather jacket repairs for Enderby and Leicestershire, customers can expect to receive their repaired items within a 5 business day time frame, in most cases.

For more information on the leather jacket repair service or to request a no obligation quotation, just call today or complete the enquiry form, including details of the repair required. An adviser will then contact you by email or phone shortly.

Recent Enquires

about 2cm of stitching is coming loose on my jacket and I was hoping you may be able to fix this


seam at left hand pocket needs stitching. button needs attaching. also want jacket cleaned especially at collar. jacket is brown.


stain on jacket tried to wipe with wet cloth dye started to come off 2 small patches size of 50p coin and 10p coin


new motorcycle jacket needs sleeves shortening by appprox 7cms.zip closure style.how much and how soon ?


i have a tear in my sheepskin coat next to a seam and would like to know the cost of repair many thanks nev hayler


i have an rst motorcycle jacket which has a hump in the back, i`m wanting the hump trimmed down as my helmet keeps catching it when I move my head as the jump is too close to my neck


hi, just yesterday I caught my leather jacket on a ragged piece of fencing tearing it along forearm. the tear is around 3 inches, the jacket is a designer from london called lot 78 its named lot 78 george jacket. if you can give me a rough quote that would be great, I can send over pictures if needed? thank youalan


not a leather jacket its a hold all that needs zip replaced. various `alteration` businesses have suggested I try shoe repairers or similar as their machines won`t cope with thickness of layers. is this something you could do even though it is not leather?


rip in side of dressy type acket after stumbling and catching jacket on door handle.i am in scarborough on holiday until friday 9th september x




hi there. I have small repair job for a suede jacket. a pocket has ripped along a seam and I need someone to sew it back. is this something you can do? cheers.


hi, this is a unique request. I have a jacket that is 1:4 scale, (so to give you an idea the whole jacket could fit in one hand) and it is made of pleather. over time the pleather has cracked all over and I would be looking to get the jacket completely recovered in real leather. tan brown. would this be something you could look into? please don`t hesitate to ring me back or email if so. thanks!