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Do the team offer leather zip repairs ?

Yes, the team do offer leather jacket repairs customers. They replace broken buckles and zips with high quality replacements.

How quick is the leather jacket repair service?

The average turnaround leather jacket repairs is 5 working days. In a few cases, the repair of leather jackets and coats may take longer as high quality materials may need to be obtained but the technicians will keep you informed.

How much will leather jacket repairs cost?

The leather repairers offer a top quality service, repairing and restoring primarily high end, designer jackets. They offer customers a cost-effective leather jacket repair service.

Is leather jacket cleaning offered?

Yes leather jacket cleaning is provided by the technicians and leather coats are covered as well. Whether it's a modern motorcycle leather jacket or a vintage piece, leather cleaning can restore the appearance of clothing has been damaged from dirt, water dust and exposure to the natural elements over time.

Leather Jacket Repair

At www.theleathermend.co.uk we help customers who require professional leather jacket repairs, the technicians provide them with a professional and hassle free service.

The skilled team offer men and ladies leather jacket repairs customers, successfully mending various types of damage and wear issues, including scuffs, rips and holes.

All leather jacket repairs are undertaken at a well equipped repair workshop, where the staff have access to a wide variety of high quality materials and specialist cleaning and protective products.

Contact the technicians to book your leather jacket repair - simply complete the enquiry form for a prompt reply by phone or email.

Please note that leather alterations are not offered by the technicians. Please visit a tailor for this kind of work. If your leather jacket is damaged, The Leather Mend can help.

Leather Jacket Repair

Leather Coat Repair

The technicians provide a professional, competitively priced leather coat repair service for modern and vintage items.

Though generally durable and hard wearing, leather jackets and coats are susceptible to damage and general wear and tear. The staff offer high quality leather jacket repairs customers, restoring and repairing leather outerwear to a like-new condition.

The leather jacket repairs cover most faults and services including:

• Stain removal
• Scratch repair
• Zip replacement
• Tear repair
• Scuff repair
• Seam restitching
• Cleaning
• Panel replacement

All leather jacket repairs customers are completed using high quality products, and the leather repairers have extensive knowledge of a wide range of professional repair techniques.

The technicians specialise in high end leather outerwear repairs, and regularly repair the following items of clothing:

• Vintage coats
• Biker style jackets
• Quilted leather coats
• Studded leather jackets
• Designer jackets
• Retro leather coats
• Motorcycle leathers

A warranty is also provided with the leather jacket repair service as well.

Leather jacket repairs cover most brands including Hugo Boss, Gucci, Armani, Alexander Mcqueen and Diesel to name but some examples.

As a courier service is supplied with all leather jacket repairs, customers can expect to receive their repaired items of clothing within a 5 working day time period, in the majority of cases.

For more information on the leather coat repair service or to request a free quotation, simply call today or fill out the online form, including details of the repair required. An adviser will then contact you by email or telephone shortly.

Recent Enquires

hi I have a barbour leather jacket in their biker style with a padded lining that was charcoal grey but the year of wear mean the natural buff leather colour is showing in quite a few places. i€™d love it to be back to charcoal grey again. are you able to do this? there are lots online but they terrify me !!!! especially as I love the jacket. hope to hear from you soon. alexandra


men`s leather blazer/jacket needs cleaning, small tear repair and minor scuff repair


i have a leather jacket that has colour fading, a few scuffs and a small paint stain. it is also missing 4 buttons. how much would it cost to get it restored? many thanks.


shearling bomber jacket, brown. 1 sleeve and a little part on the back is faded.


lining damage and jacket needing dry cleaning


hello my name is adam naylor and I have a leather jacket and on my leather jacket I was wandering if you can replace shoulder buttons and how much would it cost can you please phone me on my mobile please thank you


stitching on main zip has partly come undone requires re stitching. triumph triple jacket. velcro at cuff requires replacement or maybe a stud fitting.


sheepskin jacket needs three zips replacing. I have got the new zips they just need sewing in.


i have a biker jacket with a broken zip. it requires a new zipper slider. can this be done. regardsmax


hello, I have a studded grey jacket from wallis that is missing a stud. the studs are small, silver and double sided. approximatley 5mm in width. is this something you can repair and if so how much would it cost? thanks.


lambs skin leather jacket needs cleaned and conditioned


hi therei am looking for a quote for various scuffs and colour loss on my black knee length leather jacket please.many thanks